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200 families for Thanksgiving!


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families fed in 2022

Shannon’s Story

In May 2017, I lost my 32 year old sister to Cancer. It was by far the most traumatic and challenging life event I have ever gone through. It taught me that you do not really understand the deep pain of losing someone until it happens to you. She was the first person I ever lost that I was close to and after losing her I had to go on a very purposeful journey to heal. I knew right away I was either going to sink from this and go into a dark place or I was going to rise, I was going to honor her and I was going to become a better version of myself through this experience. I chose the latter and through this grieving and healing process I created a charity called Shannon’s Giving. I organized the very first Shannon’s Giving event in November 2017. It was a last minute inspiration, but we pulled it off. In 2017 we helped 17 families and have grown every year since. This year marks our 6th Shannon’s Giving event. In 2020 we became an approved 501(c)(3), which was a dream of mine since I started this charity.
Through our Shannon’s Giving event we deliver pre-prepared Whole Foods meals to families who either have someone very sick with cancer or recently lost someone and the thought of putting on a holiday dinner is just too much. Thanksgiving was Shannon and I’s favorite holiday, we always celebrated together and spent the day in the kitchen preparing beautiful food while watching football. Some of my best memories are of her and I on this holiday. I know the joy, love and laughter that can be shared over this special meal and we do not want these families to miss out on this opportunity to create memories together. It is a very dark time when you have someone you love so sick. Our mission is to be shed some light, show these families that we see them and they are cared for.  

Every year I am blown away by the reactions we get from this simple act of delivering these meals. The day before Thanksgiving we will be delivering these meals and spreading love, light and well being.

Thank you so much your contribution to our cause. It means the world to Shannon and I.

Our 2022 Team

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to feed over 200 families across the Phoenix metro. We’re looking forward to beating that number this year!