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200 families for Thanksgiving!


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Shannon’s Story

In May 2017, I lost my 32 year old sister to Cancer. It was by far the most traumatic and challenging life event I have ever gone through. It taught me that you do not really understand the deep pain of losing someone until it happens to you. She was the first person I ever lost that I was close to and after losing her I had to go on a very purposeful journey to heal. I knew right away I was either going to sink from this and go into a dark place or I was going to rise, I was going to honor her and I was going to become a better version of myself through this experience. I chose the latter and through this proce ss I created a charity called Shannon’s Giving. Last year we became an approved 501(c)(3), which was a dream of mine since I started this charity 4 years ago.
I have big plans and dreams for Shannon’s Giving. Right now our mission is to provide pre-prepared Whole Foods meals to families who either have someone very sick with cancer or recently lost someone and the thought of putting on a holiday dinner is just too much. Thanksgiving was Shannon and I’s favorite holiday and I know the joy, love and laughter that can be shared over a meal of Turkey and gravy. If we can make a dark time easier for these families and help create memories, that is what we are all about.